scan2Like the Burning Man festival in the States, the Small Festival is entirely run by volunteers. Organisers and perfomers do not get paid and any ticket sale profits go into funding the next year’s event.

Please see the list of small festival volunteer roles in the table below. All are needed for the smooth operation of the event, so if you see a gap below (denoted by an asterisk in the last column) please get in touch. Any volunteer is welcome to attend steering group meetings which are held roughly every two months.

Rippledown liaison Contracting and generally liaising with rippledown and making payment Through the year and during festival Celia
Website Updating/maintaining Through the year Mick
Facebook page Updating/maintaining Through the year Sam
Database maintenance Ensuring it’s updated and maintained Through the year Simon
Communication festival goers Emailing festival goers periodically to invite people to book, providing occasional updates, seeking feedback February to festival and beyond Rachel
Bookings Receiving bookings, checking figures, paying in booking fees, confirming bookings with festival goers, keeping records Feb/March to Festival Date Janet
Accommodation Looking at accommodation requests and allocating dorm/camping spaces. Keeping a record, and ensuring festival goers are made aware of where they’re staying during the festival July through to festival Deborah
Insurance Arranging festival insurance and keeping documentation – making claims if necessary June *
Scheduling Designing the schedule, liaising with performers/contributors, producing printouts for the festival June/July and during festival Rachel/others?
Gear store Keeping festival gear through the year and giving access for the festival Festival, just before and after Deborah
Lights/heater Sourcing lights/heater and delivering and bringing back from festival site (inc. liaising with van driver) June through to and after festival *
Musical equipment Providing keyboards/any other musical equipment – delivering and returning Festival Celia/Rachel
Sound/technical Providing amps, microphones, leads etc – delivering and returning – supporting performers during the festival Festival Rachel/others?
Van driver Organizing van hire, collecting festival gear, including Ping Pong table, (liaising with Deborah), delivering to festival site and returning after the festival June through to and after festival Simon
Set up crew Arriving one or two days before hand and preparing the site, pulling down at the end (with help from all) July Rachel, Celia, Simon, Libby
Welcome desk Welcoming festival goers on arrival, giving them necessary information Festival period *
Parking Being responsible for parking during the event – ensuring people know where to park – possibly drawing up instructions to hand out at welcome desk Festival period *
Catering (breakfasts) Responsible for organizing breakfasts (ordering/purchasing stuff/taking delivery of),organizing volunteers in the mornings July through to and during festival Anna
Catering (meals) Liaising with caterers and ensuring special diets are catered for March onwards and during festival Andrew, Adele
Washing up Organizing volunteers around washing up of breakfast things over the festival period Festival period *
Opening and closing ceremonies Thinking about, designing, delivering – involving others During festival Adele
Photos/films Ensuring these are taken during the event and posted on FB/website afterwards Festival and after *
MCs Choosing/liaising with MC’s and ensuring they know what they’re doing During festival *
Cake shop/tuck shop Setting up and staffing during the event – keeping money safe During festival *
Accounts Keeping and analyzing festival accounts After the festival *
Overseeing all of the above Steering committee Through the year All volunteers welcome